Challenge House #7

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Challenge House #7 – Phelps Ave.

Located at 1605 Phelps Ave. Hopkinsville, KY 42240

Hello!  Welcome to the Challenge House #7 webpage.  For starters, I would prefer just to say “Hi! I’m Jeff Littlefield and I’m the Neighborhood Ambassador at Challenge House #7”, and move on, yet that’s not exactly what is needed here. So just a little about myself. I am a Hopkinsville native, both Grandparents, lived here since the early 1900s, I’m giving away my age but I’m a proud Virginia Street Red Raider. And a Christian County Colonel, just so I’m clear, I was a starter on the first County football team to beat Hoptown, and as a senior, I was one of the Captains on the Team that beat them TWICE in a row. And Yes! then it was a big deal.

Shortly after high school, I joined the U.S. Army, where most of my time was spent in Germany.  While serving, I was promoted to Sargent E-5, and awarded The Army Accommodation Medal, The Army Achievement, with two Oak Leaf Clusters, The NCO professional development Ribbon. I want to say this, as an old county boy who loves America, other than my relationship with the Lord Jesus, I’ve never been honored as the day I earned my Section of Men to lead on a frontline unit. It’s an experience that to this day influences my every decision, and every day I thank God for that opportunity.

This is where my story takes a drastic turn. And looking back I see now I was preparing for it since I took my first drink at 12 years old. After coming home from Germany, I was a full-blown Alcoholic. Without boring you with gory details, let me put it this way: There was not 1 single day that I did not live a life of sin, anger, self-centeredness, followed by loads of shame and guilt. All mixed up in my heart, life became completely untenable and frankly, death seemed the only way to stop the pain. I bet my life, you all have in one form or another have heard or even lived this type of life yourselves. Not a good place for sure, yet I know that every sinful action I committed, every lie I told was, and still is, my own fault. My actions caused pain that even today I can’t fix or change. Of course, I wished I could, but some have gone on to Heaven, so maybe one day.

 After living this life for decades, it arrived at the point, I could not live another day. I was being crushed with guilt, shame, loneliness, and complete self-alienation from family and long time friends. I picked up the tool that would end my earthy days.  I’ll never forget that day. I was in complete human breakdown.  I’m sure there’s a better word for my condition that day, but try to understand.

Some of us believe in God’s hand in our life!  Some even think God preforms miracles. Well, I’m here today to say, YES, he did for me on that day years ago. As I was sitting there with the tool in my mouth, shaking, crying, hating every cell in my being, knowing only I was to blame, telling myself do it, out of the mist, a little song that we had sung in Sunday School 35 years past came into my head. “Jesus Loves you, yes, I know”, began playing over and over in my head. Childish you say, and at times I feel the same way.  Yet the Lord sent to me a message that, at the time, was about the only thing I could understand. And to The Glory Of The Lord Almighty, I sat aside that tool. It took lots of help from many different people, and tons of grace from Christ to arrive here at Challenge House.

We know Challenge House came from the deep and unwavering Faith that all people are loved by Christ.  This, I know, was Wally Bryan’s foundation of all of his efforts. And Lord those efforts were abundant and overwhelming. I came to meet Wally through my brother-in-law. To say I was blown away at our first conversation is an understatement. That first talk lead me to the Coffee Connection.  Then onto helping with classes there on Sundays.  You had to know Wally, but his mind was always looking to the future. And now I see he had a plan, albeit, I had no clue. On March 1st, 2020, Wally called me, at 7:30 am, which was not his style, and I was still asleep. The call went something like this.  “Morning Jeff.  Have you paid your rent yet? What? You’re taking over Challenge House #7.  I’ll call you later.” 

And here today I feel just as unprepared, uneducated, and unworthy. The short time I was blessed to know Wally, it was not about yesterday, but what’s in one’s heart. Wally and Michelle found something I never knew I had. I care deeply for those I serve.  The neighborhood families have become my family. The kids have become the focus of my life. I wish I could express my feelings in words of just how God has taken this sad old man, with nothing to live for, to sitting here trying to tell folks just how blessed I am. I would rather point to that day 2000 years ago when Jesus hung on the cross and shed his blood so that one day I could receive Grace!  For it’s Gods Plan!              

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